DJ Roger M

With the evolution of music, comes the acknowledgement of DJs who have kept up with their focus on becoming a true pioneer. Roger-M has established himself as a DJ and Producer who has strived to emphasize his presence in the music world.

Using various monikers; Sieg & Mouzakis (Fritz Sieg & Roger-M), Aspuration (Ray Vera & Roger-M) & his own trademark name “Roger-M”; accomplishments are well noted. The debut Sieg & Mouzakis track; “Body Takes Control” immediately signing with Plastica in the UK & was charted # 1 by Balance Promote Group (which serves as the top progressive DJ pool in the world). Also great success & support on tracks “By Your Side” & “Serenity” on Neutone Recordings; along with the smash “Fading Away” on Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings (which all feature the stellar vocals of Eva) to name a few.

There has been tremendous support of his tracks by Tiesto, Danny Tenaglia, Superchumbo, Oscar G, Sander Kleinenberg, Deep Dish, Solarstone and so on. Whether it’s live or as you listen to one of his tunes, Roger-M wants to take you on an emotional journey, hopefully you will be fortunate to experience it for yourself.


Roger-M – Somebody Scream – EDMA

Roger-M feat. Christine Moll – Amazing – Drizzly/Bootcamp Records

Roger-M – Be With You – Drizzly/Bootcamp Records

Roger-M – To The Sky – EDMA

Roger-M – Stomp Your Feet – EDMA

Roger-M – House Generation – EDMA

Roger-M – Orgasmic – EDMA

Roger-M – Let’s Rage – EDMA

Roger-M – Miami Saxogram – EDMA

Roger-M – It’s Like That – EDMA

Roger-M – Funky Beat – EDMA

RPM Project feat. Eva Solas – Sara – Panache

Roger-M – #Sunkissed EP – Drizzly/Bootcamp Records

Roger-M – Got To Prove / Raise Your Hands – Drizzly/Bootcamp Records

Roger-M – Too Blind To See It – Next Plateau

Roger-M – Letting Go – Drizzly Records

Roger-M feat. Stephen Pickup – Without You – Neutone

Roger-M feat. Eva – By Your Side (Remixes) – Neutone

Roger-M feat. Marcie – Don’t Leave Me (Alone) – Neutone

Roger-M feat. Romulo Lander – Turn Up That Vibe – Drizzly Records

Roger-M feat. Eva – So Into You – Cuepoint

Roger-M feat. Eva – Fading Away – Black Hole

Roger-M – This DJ – Neutone

Roger-M feat. Eva – Serenity – Neutone

Roger-M feat. Eva – By Your Side – Neutone

Mouzakis feat. Cheramy Burgess – Echo – Neutone

Butterflies Attack feat. Joe Murena – How Can I Fall? – Neutone

Neu Era – Letting Go – Neutone

Sieg & Mouzakis feat. Kriste Lee – Talking In Your Sleep – Plastica

Sieg & Mouzakis feat. Kriste Lee – Body Takes Control – Plastica


George LaMond – IWGOWY [Roger-M Remix] – Panache

Felica Punzo – Sound My Heart Makes [Roger-M Remix] – Panache

Hemstock & Jennings feat. Sarah Tucson – Bliss [Roger-M Remix] – 2nd Phase

DJ Deanco – Take Me Away [Roger-M Remix] – X-ceptional Music

Paula DeAnda – Easy [Aspuration Remix(es)] – RCA

P-1 – Digital Lover [Tri Lambda Club Mix] – EsNtion

Noir – My MTV [Tri Lambda Excuse Moi Remix] – Toolroom

Andrea Doria – Bucci Bag [Sieg & Mouzakis Blue Steel Mix(es)] – Star 69

Urban Soul – President’s House [Sieg & Mouzakis Snake Face Dub] – King Street

Harm – S-Lim Sanity [Sieg & Mouzakis Remix] – Cure Recordings